Tuesday, June 21, 2011



  1. American Girl - Meet Molly
    by Valerie Tripp

    Montana received her very first American Girl Doll from her Grandmother who lives in Australia, but she's of Polish heritage and was born right after WWII, in war torn Poland.
     Therefore this little doll and her story are close to my mothers heart and history, which we want Montana to understand and appreciate.

    We have managed to get through approximately half the book, which has been just lovely.  A very interesting way to learn about history and a very bonding experience.

    The first chapter discusses Molly's father being away in England as he is a Doctor.  Her Mother works for the Red Cross in aid of the War, whilst Molly, her sister and two brothers are being looked after Mrs. Gilford.  Mrs Gilford is all for supporting the war effort, therefore she won't use any canned vegetables which need to go to the soldiers, she has attempted a vegetable garden to sustain the family. Unfortunately for Molly, the only vegetable that seemed to grow well was the turnip!  This created a drama for the 9 year old.

    Chapter two goes into introducing Molly's two best friends and the upcoming Halloween.  As well as her annoying brother!

    Montana said she enjoys all of the parts of the book, she thinks it's great. However, she flicked through all the pages and said that the photograph of Hitler and the attack on Pearl Hrbour made her very sad.  This is at the end of the book, where WWII is discussed in further detail.

  2. Hi Montana!

    This is a great series. My daughter enjoyed these books too. Molly was her favorite American Girl Doll. Where in Australia does your grandma live?

  3. Hi Mrs Davison,

    My grandma lives on the Gold Coast and Sydney.

    I can't wait to meet you and my new friends.

    Thank you and bye.

  4. Hi Montana,

    Sydney sounds like a beautiful place. Do you visit your grandma?

    I am excited to meet you too and all of the other children too.

  5. Not this year, my grandma (Babcia, in Polish) came to visit me and she will come again with my grandpa (Nonno, in Italian) for Christmas 8-)

    By the way, we finished Book 1 (Meet Molly)! It was great, I really liked it.

    I have also read 10 (out of 12) Clifford the Big Red Dog (phonics, pack 1) books. It's going well.

  6. Hi Montana!

    I love reading about all of the books you are reading. I really enjoy reading a lot in the summertime.

    Glad you finished Molly. Will you continue to read the other books about her life?

    Clifford is a great character. I love how he helps others out all the time. He is also so friendly.

    Happy Reading!

  7. Hi Mrs Davison,

    Yes I will be reading more Molly books. Mummy started reading book number 2. I'm going to get number 3 book because I don't have it.

    Bye bye

  8. Wonderful! You'll have to let me know what book you enjoyed the most.
    I just finished reading a book about pelicans. They are an interesting bird. I will post pictures of the pelicans I saw while visiting my parents soon.

    Mrs. D.

  9. I have seen Plicans before around the ocean in Australia. I like them a lot because they are interesting birds that are big, they fly, and they have large beaks. I'm looking forward to seeing your photos.

    Love, Montana

  10. I hope you like the photographs I posted in the slide show. They are big and do have very large beaks. It was really interesting to watch them try to catch fish.